Best Quality Solar Panels

We deliver the best quality solar panels and solar systems to customers globally.

Investor Interest Protection

We supply solar installations in partnership with investors across the globe under relevant local laws and regulations.

IS0 9001:2008 APPROVED

Australian Premium Solar (APS) is IS0 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Approved.

Why have our stakeholders trusted us and strengthened their association with us?

Valued Brand Name

Australian Premium Solar has developed a valued and trusted brand name. Achieved this by recognising our customer’s needs and striving to increasing our customer’s satisfaction with our products and service.

Rapidly Growing Sales

Rapidly growing sales are the result of our quality products and state of the art services. Australian Premium Solar (APS) has achieved IS0 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification which reflects our concern with achieving quality over profit.

Investor Relations

Australian Premium Solar is committed to delivering the best solar panels and solar systems in the industry. Our main objective is to reduce the cost of solar installations to levels that are affordable to a larger base of customers throughout markets across the globe.

We conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations to protect the interest of both our clients as well as investors, who have partnered with us in our goal of becoming a global leader in the supply of solar installations.

Our fast growing, vertically integrated business allows us to deliver solar products, solar systems and other solar application solutions to customers worldwide. The premium quality of our products and cost-effective and environmentally friendly nature of all our solutions have supported the cause of sustainability.

Valued Brand Name

Hundreds of satisfied customers and investors have helped us build a valued brand. We are recognized for our reliable and cost-effective solutions. This has only been possible due to our committed team that creates sustained value by producing high quality solar products and technologies that help customers/people/communities all over the globe.

The flexible and customized solutions we offer create more credibility and trust amongst all the stakeholders. They know that if they want the latest and best solar products, they should come to us.

Rapidly Growing Sales

The solar energy industry is a rapidly growing industry – we are part of this growth story. We have specialized in innovative solutions from the commencement of our business. We are now moving toward value-building by seeking to reduce the costs of solar installations.

Our customers have saved substantial amounts of money on their electricity bills.

Investments with us have always proved beneficial for our customers.

The solar power industry is hungry for innovation and ideas that can help it to penetrate more industry segments. With every forward step we take, we accelerate deployment of solar power and promote the wide spread use of solar power.